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 2013An electrocaloric device demonstrator for solid-state coolingChukka, Rami; Vandrangi, Suresh; Shannigrahi, Santirajan; Chen, Lang
2011Enhanced cooling capacities of ferroelectric materials at morphotropic phase boundariesChukka, Rami; Cheah, Jun Wei; Chen, Zuhuang; Yang, P.; Shannigrahi, S.; Wang, Junling; Chen, Lang
 2012Investigations of cooling efficiencies in solid-state electrocaloric deviceChukka, Rami; Shannigrahi, Santirajan; Chen, Lang
2013Strain dependent magnetocaloric effect in La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 thin-filmsKumar, V. Suresh; Chukka, Rami; Chen, Zuhuang; Yang, Ping; Chen, Lang