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2020Litter inputs, but not litter diversity, maintain soil processes in degraded tropical forests—a cross-continental comparisonKerdraon, Deirdre; Drewer, Julia; Chung, Arthur Y. C.; Majalap, Noreen; Slade, Eleanor M.; Bréchet, Laëtitia; Wallwork, Abby; Castro-Trujillo, Biancolini; Sayer, Emma J.
2019Movement of moths through riparian reserves within oil palm plantationsGray, Ross E. J.; Slade, Eleanor M.; Chung, Arthur Y. C.; Lewis, Owen T.
2020Riparian buffers act as microclimatic refugia in oil palm landscapesWilliamson, Joseph; Slade, Eleanor M.; Luke, Sarah H.; Swinfield, Tom; Chung, Arthur Y. C.; Coomes, David A.; Heroin, Herry; Jucker, Tommaso; Lewis, Owen T.; Vairappan, Charles S.; Rossiter, Stephen J.; Struebig, Matthew J.
 2019Sexual selection predicts the persistence of populations within altered environmentsParrett, Jonathan M.; Mann, Darren J.; Chung, Arthur Y. C.; Slade, Eleanor M.; Knell, Robert J.
2021Trap type affects dung beetle taxonomic and functional diversity in Bornean tropical forestsOng, Xin Rui; David, Hemprich-Bennett; Gray, Claudia; Kemp, Victoria; Chung, Arthur Y. C.; Slade, Eeleanor M.