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 2020Adapting to the impact of COVID-19 : sharing stories, sharing practiceCleland, Jennifer; McKimm, Judy; Fuller, Richard; Taylor, David; Janczukowicz, Janusz; Gibbs, Trevor
 2020COVID 19 : designing and conducting an online mini-multiple interview (MMI) in a dynamic landscapeCleland, Jennifer; Chu, Jowe; Lim, Samuel; Low, Jamie; Low-Beer, Naomi; Kwek, Tong Kiat
2021Opening up the black box of a Gateway to Medicine programme : a realist evaluationGibson Smith, Kathrine; Alexander, Kirsty; Cleland, Jennifer
2022Student assistantship programme : an evaluation of impact on readiness to transit from medical student to junior doctorChow, Aloysius; Chen, Shiwei; Rosby, Lucy; Low‐Beer, Naomi; Shelat, Vishalkumar Girishchandra; Cleland, Jennifer; Bartlam, Bernadette; Smith, Helen Elizabeth
 2020Today's doctors : what do men and women value in a training post?Scanlan, Gillian; Johnston, Peter; Walker, Kim; Skåtun, Diane; Cleland, Jennifer
2021The visual vernacular : embracing photographs in researchCleland, Jennifer; MacLeod, Anna
 2020"You can't always get what you want…" : economic thinking, constrained optimization and health professions educationCleland, Jennifer; Foo, J.; Ilic, D.; Maloney, S.; You, You