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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012The 2010 explosive eruption of Java's Merapi volcano—a ‘100-year’ eventSurono; Jousset, Philippe; Pallister, John; Boichu, Marie; Buongiorno, M. Fabrizia; Budisantoso, Agus; Costa, Fidel; Andreastuti, Supriyati; Prata, Fred; Schneider, David; Clarisse, Lieven; Humaida, Hanik; Sumarti, Sri; Bignami, Christian; Griswold, Julie; Carn, Simon; Oppenheimer, Clive; Lavigne, Franck
2014An analysis of the issuance of volcanic alert levels during volcanic crisesWinson, Annie Elizabeth Grace; Costa, Fidel; Newhall, Christopher G.; Woo, Gordon
2021Apatite crystals reveal melt volatile budgets and magma storage depths at Merapi volcano, IndonesiaLi, Weiran; Costa, Fidel; Nagashima, Kazuhide
2020Cascading partial rupture of the Flores Thrust during the 2018 Lombok earthquake sequence, IndonesiaSalman, Rino; Lindsey, Eric Ostrom; Lythgoe, Karen H.; Bradley, Kyle; Muzli, Muzli; Yun, Sang-Ho; Chin, Shi Tong; Tay, Cheryl Wen Jing; Costa, Fidel; Wei, Shengji; Hill, Emma Mary
2018CEmin : a MATLAB‐based software for computational phenocryst extraction and statistical petrologyZeng, Ling; Cheng, Lilu; Costa, Fidel; Herrin, Jason
 2013Correlation of magma evolution and geophysical monitoring during the 2011-2012 El Hierro (Canary Islands) submarine eruptionMartí, Joan; Castro, Antonio; Rodríguez, Carmen; Costa, Fidel; Carrasquilla, Sandra; Pedreira, Rocío; Bolos, Xavier
2018Crystal and melt inclusion timescales reveal the evolution of magma migration before eruptionRuth, Dawn C. S.; Costa, Fidel; Bouvet de Maisonneuve, Caroline; Franco, Luis; Cortés, Joaquin A.; Calder, Eliza S.
2020Crystals reveal magma convection and melt transport in dyke-fed eruptionsAlbert, Helena; Larrea, Patricia; Costa, Fidel; Widom, Elisabeth; Siebe, Claus
2012Decadal to monthly timescales of magma transfer and reservoir growth at a caldera volcanoCosta, Fidel; Dungan, Michael; Scaillet, Bruno; Druitt, T. H.; Deloule, E.
2015Degassing during quiescence as a trigger of magma ascent and volcanic eruptionsGirona, Társilo; Costa, Fidel; Schubert, Gerald
2020Diffusion chronometry and the timescales of magmatic processesCosta, Fidel; Shea, Thomas; Ubide, Teresa
2013DIPRA : a user-friendly program to model multi-element diffusion in olivine with applications to timescales of magmatic processesGirona, Társilo; Costa, Fidel
2017Evaluation of the effects of 3D diffusion, crystal geometry, and initial conditions on retrieved time-scales from Fe–Mg zoning in natural oriented orthopyroxene crystalsKrimer, Daniel; Costa, Fidel
2015Fractal degassing from Erebus and Mayon volcanoes revealed by a new method to monitor H2O emission cyclesAggangan, Brian; Costa, Fidel; Taisne, Benoit; Ildefonso, Sorvigenaleon; Girona, Társilo
2021From explosive vent opening to effusive outpouring : mineral constraints on magma dynamics and timescales at paricutin monogenetic volcanoLarrea, Patricia; Albert, Helena; Ubide, Teresa; Costa, Fidel; Colás, Vanessa; Widom, Elisabeth; Siebe, Claus
2016How do olivines record magmatic events? Insights from major and trace element zoningde Maisonneuve, Caroline Bouvet; Costa, Fidel; Huber, C.; Vonlanthen, P.; Bachmann, O.; Dungan, M. A.
2020Linking fluid dynamics and olivine crystal scale zoning during simulated magma intrusionCheng, Lilu; Costa, Fidel; Bergantz, George
2018Lithium diffusion in olivine records magmatic priming of explosive basaltic eruptionsLynn, Kendra J.; Shea, Thomas; Garcia, Michael O.; Costa, Fidel; Norman, Marc D.
2019Magma interactions, crystal mush formation, timescales, and unrest during caldera collapse and lateral eruption at ocean island basaltic volcanoes (Piton de la Fournaise, La Réunion)Albert, Helena; Costa, Fidel; Di Muro, Andréa; Herrin, Jason; Métrich, Nicole; Deloule, Etienne
 2001Magmatic Na-rich phlogopite in a suite of gabbroic crustal xenoliths from Volcán San Pedro, Chilean Andes : evidence for a solvus relation between phlogopite and aspidoliteCosta, Fidel; Dungan, Michael; Singer, Brad S.