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2020Atomic test of higher-order interferenceLee, Kai Sheng; Zhuo, Zhao; Couteau, Christophe; Wilkowski, David; Paterek, Tomasz
2015Coherent perfect absorption in deeply subwavelength films in the single-photon regimeRoger, Thomas; Vezzoli, Stefano; Bolduc, Eliot; Valente, Joao; Heitz, Julius J. F.; Jeffers, John; Soci, Cesare; Leach, Jonathan; Couteau, Christophe; Zheludev, Nikolay I.; Faccio, Daniele
2016Localised excitation of a single photon source by a nanowaveguideGeng, Wei; Manceau, Mathieu; Rahbany, Nancy; Sallet, Vincent; De Vittorio, Massimo; Carbone, Luigi; Glorieux, Quentin; Bramati, Alberto; Couteau, Christophe
2015Nanowire LasersLarrue, A.; Wilhelm, C.; Couteau, Christophe; Soci, Cesare
2016Study of energy transfer mechanism from ZnO nanocrystals to Eu3+ ionsMangalam, Vivek; Pita, Kantisara; Couteau, Christophe