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2013Amplifying and attenuating the coffee-ring effect in drying sessile nanofluid dropletsDuan, Fei; Crivoi, Alexandru
2015Crossover from the coffee-ring effect to the uniform deposit caused by irreversible cluster-cluster aggregationCrivoi, Alexandru; Duan, Fei; Zhong, X.
 2021Dendritic nanoparticle self-assembly from drying a sessile nanofluid dropletRen, Junheng; Crivoi, Alexandru; Duan, Fei
 2020Disk-ring deposition in drying a sessile nanofluid droplet with enhanced marangoni effect and particle surface adsorptionRen, Junheng; Crivoi, Alexandru; Duan, Fei
2012Dynamic viscosity measurement in non-Newtonian graphite nanofluidsDuan, Fei; Wong, Ting Foong; Crivoi, Alexandru
 2012Evaporation-induced formation of fractal-like structures from nanofluidsCrivoi, Alexandru; Duan, Fei
2017A fractal image analysis methodology for heat damage inspection in carbon fiber reinforced compositesMurukeshan, V. M.; Haridas, Aswin; Crivoi, Alexandru; Prabhathan, P.; Chan, Kelvin
2017Fractal speckle image analysis for surface characterization of aerospace structuresHaridas, Aswin; Crivoi, Alexandru; Prabhathan, P.; Chan, Kelvin; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham
2017Improving the mechanical properties of TIG welding Ti-6Al-4V by post weld heat treatmentYan, Guangxu; Tan, Ming Jen; Crivoi, Alexandru; Li, Feng; Kumar, Sandeep; Chia, Nicholas Chern How
 2022Noise attenuating performance of metasurfaces with regular Euclidean tiling and uniformly embedded Helmholtz resonatorsCrivoi, Alexandru; Fan, Zheng
2018Surface roughness evaluation of additive manufactured metallic components from white light images captured using a flexible fiberscopeHaridas, Aswin; Matham, Vadakke Murukeshan; Crivoi, Alexandru; Patinharekandy, Prabhathan; Jen, Tan Ming; Chan, Kelvin
2021Three dimensional acoustic tweezers with vortex streamingLi, Junfei; Crivoi, Alexandru; Peng, Xiuyuan; Shen, Lu; Pu, Yunjiao; Fan, Zheng; Cummer, Steven A.
2014Three-dimensional Monte Carlo model of the coffee-ring effect in evaporating colloidal dropletsCrivoi, Alexandru; Duan, Fei
2015Three-dimensional patterns from the thin-film drying of amino acid solutionsZhang, Xuehua; Crivoi, Alexandru; Duan, Fei