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 2022Bilateral aromatic extension of corannulene nucleusHalilovic, Dzeneta; Csókás, Dániel; Webster, Richard David; Stuparu, Mihaiela Corina
2019How an early or late transition state impacts the stereoselectivity of tetrahydropyran formation by intramolecular oxa-Michael additionCsókás, Dániel; Ho, Annabel Xuan Ying; Ramabhadran, Raghunath O.; Bates, Roderick Wayland
2018Synthesis of (−)-cytisine using a 6-endo aza-Michael additionBarát, Viktor; Csókás, Dániel; Bates, Roderick Wayland
2022The total synthesis of raistrickindole APham, Thang Loi; Sae-Lao, Patcharaporn; Toh, Hannah Hui Min; Csókás, Dániel; Bates, Roderick Wayland