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2015Nanoparticle-assisted optical tethering of endosomes reveals the cooperative function of dyneins in retrograde axonal transportCui, Bianxiao; Chowdary, Praveen D.; Che, Daphne L.; Kaplan, Luke; Chen, Ou; Pu, Kanyi; Bawendi, Moungi
 2019A nanostructure platform for live-cell manipulation of membrane curvatureLi, Xiao; Matino, Laura; Zhang, Wei; Klausen, Lasse; McGuire, Allister F.; Lubrano, Claudia; Zhao, Wenting; Santoro, Francesca; Cui, Bianxiao
2018The role of membrane curvature in nanoscale topography-induced intracellular signalingLou, Hsin-Ya; Zhao, Wenting; Zeng, Yongpeng; Cui, Bianxiao