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 2014Aniline tetramer-graphene oxide composites for high performance supercapacitorsYan, Jian; Yang, Liping; Cui, Mengqi; Wang, Xu; Chee, Kenji Jianzhi; Nguyen, Viet Cuong; Kumar, Vipin; Sumboja, Afriyanti; Wang, Ming; Lee, Pooi See
2017Copper-based reversible electrochemical mirror device with switchability between transparent, blue, and mirror statesEh, Alice Lee-Sie; Lin, Meng-Fang; Cui, Mengqi; Cai, Guofa; Lee, Pooi See
 2014Enhanced electrochromism with rapid growth layer-by-layer assembly of polyelectrolyte complexesDarmawan, Peter; Lee, Pooi See; Cui, Mengqi; Ng, Wee Siang; Wang, Xu
2015Extremely Stretchable Electroluminescent Devices with Ionic ConductorsWang, Jiangxin; Yan, Chaoyi; Cai, Guofa; Cui, Mengqi; Eh, Alice Lee‐Sie; Lee, Pooi See
 2017A high-performance lithium-ion capacitor based on 2D nanosheet materialsLi, Shaohui; Chen, Jingwei; Cui, Mengqi; Cai, Guofa; Wang, Jiangxin; Cui, Peng; Gong, Xuefei; Lee, Pooi See
2015Highly Stable Transparent Conductive Silver Grid/PEDOT:PSS Electrodes for Integrated Bifunctional Flexible Electrochromic SupercapacitorsCai, Guofa; Darmawan, Peter; Cui, Mengqi; Wang, Jiangxin; Chen, Jingwei; Magdassi, Shlomo; Lee, Pooi See
 2013Highly stretchable piezoresistive graphene-nanocellulose nanopaper for strain sensorsYan, Chaoyi; Wang, Jiangxin; Kang, Wenbin; Cui, Mengqi; Wang, Xu; Foo, Ce Yao; Chee, Kenji Jianzhi; Lee, Pooi See
2016Inkjet-printed all solid-state electrochromic devices based on NiO/WO3 nanoparticle complementary electrodesCai, Guofa; Darmawan, Peter; Cui, Mengqi; Chen, Jingwei; Wang, Xu; Eh, Alice Lee-Sie; Magdassi, Shlomo; Lee, Pooi See
 2013An intrinsically stretchable nanowire photodetector with a fully embedded structureYan, Chaoyi; Wang, Jiangxin; Wang, Xu; Kang, Wenbin; Cui, Mengqi; Foo, Ce Yao; Lee, Pooi See
2017Layer-by-layer assembly of polymeric complexes for electrochromic applicationsCui, Mengqi
2017A semitransparent snake-like tactile and olfactory bionic sensor with reversibly stretchable propertiesCai, Guofa; Wang, Jiangxin; Lin, Meng-Fang; Chen, Jingwei; Cui, Mengqi; Qian, Kai; Li, Shaohui; Cui, Peng; Lee, Pooi See
2016Solid polymer electrolyte with high ionic conductivity via layer-by-layer depositionCui, Mengqi; Lee, Pooi See
 2013Stretchable silver-zinc batteries based on embedded nanowire elastic conductorsYan, Chaoyi; Wang, Xu; Cui, Mengqi; Wang, Jiangxin; Kang, Wenbin; Foo, Ce Yao; Lee, Pooi See
2016Ultra-large optical modulation of electrochromic porous WO3 film and the local monitoring of redox activityCai, Guofa; Cui, Mengqi; Kumar, Vipin; Darmawan, Peter; Wang, Jiangxin; Wang, Xu; Eh, Alice Lee-Sie; Qian, Kai; Lee, Pooi See