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2020Exploring the roles of nanoparticles and microneedles in the bacteria management for topical applicationsCui, Mingyue
2019In situ generation of zinc oxide nanobushes on microneedles as antibacterial coatingChew, Sharon Wan Ting; Zeng, Yongpeng; Cui, Mingyue; Chang, Hao; Zheng, Mengjia; Wei, Shi; Zhao, Wenting; Xu, Chenjie
2021Ocular delivery of predatory bacteria with cryomicroneedles against eye infectionCui, Mingyue; Zheng, Mengjia; Wiraja, Christian; Chew, Sharon Wan Ting; Mishra, Arti; Mayandi, Venkatesh; Lakshminarayanan, Rajamani; Xu, Chenjie