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2020Accessibility analysis of unmanned aerial vehicles near airports with a four-dimensional airspace management conceptDai, Wei; Pang, Bizhao; Low, Kin Huat
2021Architecture design and development for real-time risk-based unmanned aerial system traffic managementRa, Thu; Dai, Wei; Ng, Ee Meng; Low, Kin Huat
2020A concept of airspace configuration and operational rules for UAS in current airspacePang, Bizhao; Dai, Wei; Ra, Thu; Low, Kin Huat
2021Conflict-free four-dimensional path planning for urban air mobility considering airspace occupancyDai, Wei; Pang, Bizhao; Low, Kin Huat
2022Conflict-free trajectory planning for urban air mobility based on an airspace-resource-centric approachDai, Wei; Low, Kin Huat
2020Exploring thermoelectric property improvement for binary copper chalcogenidesChen, Xinqi; Yang, Jianping; Katkus, Tomas; Wu, Tian; Tao, Junhui; Li, Jie; Wang, Chuanhui; Wang, Xin; Dai, Wei
 2021Heterogeneous carbon dioxide reduction reaction by cobalt complexes of 4′,4′′′-disubstituted derivatives of quinquepyridine immobilized on carbon blackReddu, Vikas; Sun, Libo; Duo, Shuo; Chen, Xinqi; Wu, Tian; Dai, Wei; Wang, Xin
2021Multiple air route crossing waypoints optimization via artificial potential field methodPang, Bizhao; Dai, Wei; Hu, Xinting; Dai, Fuqing; Low, Kin Huat
 2018Racial differences and determinants of macular thickness profiles in multiethnic Asian population : the Singapore Epidemiology of Eye Diseases StudyWong, Kah Hie; Tham, Yih-Chung; Nguyen, Duc Quang; Dai, Wei; Tan, Nicholas Y. Q.; Mathijia, Shivani; Neelam, Kumari; Cheung, Carol Yim-Lui; Sabanayagam, Charumathi; Schmetterer, Leopold; Wong, Tien Yin; Cheng, Ching-Yu
2022Safety-focused framework for enabling UAS traffic management in urban environmentWang, John Chung-Hung; Low, Kin Huat; Mohd Hasrizam Che Man; Dai, Wei; Ng, Ee Meng
2022A simulation-based study on the impact of tracking performance on UTM flight safetyDai, Wei; Quek, Zhi Hao; Low, Kin Huat
2014Theoretical prediction of the linear isomers for rare gas-carbon disulfide complexes : He-CS2, Ne-CS2, and Ar-CS2Zang, Limin; Dai, Wei; Zheng, Limin; Duan, Chuanxi; Lu, Yunpeng; Yang, Minghui
2022UAV path optimization with an integrated cost assessment model considering third-party risks in metropolitan environmentsPang, Bizhao; Hu, Xinting; Dai, Wei; Low, Kin Huat