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2019Attenuation of pharmaceutically active compounds in aqueous solution by UV/CaO₂ process : influencing factors, degradation mechanism and pathwaysZheng, Ming; Daniels, Kevin D.; Park, Minkyu; Nienhauser, Alec Brockway; Clevenger, Erica C.; Li, Yongmei; Snyder, Shane Allen
2020A direct injection liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry method for the kinetic study on iodinated contrast media (ICMs) removal in natural waterLopez-Prieto, Israel J.; Wu, Shimin; Ji, Weikang; Daniels, Kevin D.; Snyder, Shane Allen
2018Downstream trends of in vitro bioassay responses in a wastewater effluent-dominated riverDaniels, Kevin D.; VanDervort, Darcy; Wu, Shimin; Leusch, Frederic D. L.; van de Merwe, Jason P.; Jia, Ai; Snyder, Shane Allen
 2021Evaluating surrogate correlation models and iodinated haloacetic acid formation of iodinated contrast media after LPUV/Cl₂, LPUV/NH₂Cl, and LPUV/H₂O₂Lopez-Prieto, Israel J.; Daniels, Kevin D.; Wu, Shimin; Snyder, Shane Allen