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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018BiVA : Bitcoin network visualization & analysisOggier, Frédérique; Phetsouvanh, Silivanxay; Datta, Anwitaman
2011Byzantine fault tolerance of regenerating codesOggier, Frederique; Datta, Anwitaman
 2012City on the sky: extending XACML for flexible, secure data sharing on the CloudDinh, Tien Tuan Anh; Wenqiang, Wang; Datta, Anwitaman
 2011Contextual trust aided enhancement of data availability in peer-to-peer backup storage systemsLiu, Xin; Datta, Anwitaman
2017Cooperation and Competition When Bidding for Complex Projects: Centralized and Decentralized PerspectivesSkowron, Piotr; Rzadca, Krzysztof; Datta, Anwitaman
2013Data insertion and archiving in erasure-coding based large-scale storage systemsPamies-Juarez, Lluis; Oggier, Frederique; Datta, Anwitaman
 2012Detecting imprudence of 'reliable' sellers in online auction sitesLiu, Xin; Datta, Anwitaman; Fang, Hui; Zhang, Jie
 2012DRank : decentralized ranking mechanism for semantic community overlaysSharma, Rajesh; Datta, Anwitaman
2020An ego network analysis of sextortionistsOggier, Frederique; Datta, Anwitaman; Phetsouvanh, Silivanxay
2018EGRET : extortion graph exploration techniques in the Bitcoin networkPhetsouvanh, Silivanxay; Oggier, Frédérique; Datta, Anwitaman
2018Entropic centrality for non-atomic flow networksOggier, Frédérique; Phetsouvanh, Silivanxay; Datta, Anwitaman
2018Entropy-based graph clustering - a simulated annealing approachOggier, Frédérique; Phetsouvanh, Silivanxay; Datta, Anwitaman
 2013A framework for trust-based multidisciplinary team recommendationBossi, Lorenzo; Braghin, Stefano; Datta, Anwitaman; Trombetta, Alberto
 2012Infrastructures for online social networking services [guest editorial]Datta, Anwitaman; Haridi, Seif; Iftode, Liviu; Dikaiakos, Marios D.
2016Layered Security for Storage at the Edge: On Decentralized Multi-factor Access ControlEsiner, Ertem; Datta, Anwitaman
 2012Merging ring-structured overlay indices : toward network-data transparencyDatta, Anwitaman
 2012Multiterm keyword search in NoSQL systemsVon der Weth, Christian; Datta, Anwitaman
2017On query result integrity over encrypted dataEsiner, Ertem; Datta, Anwitaman
2015On repairing erasure coded data in an active-passive mixed storage networkDatta, Anwitaman; Oggier, Frédérique
2012Redundantly grouped cross-object coding for repairable storageDatta, Anwitaman; Oggier, Frederique