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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Assessment and Prediction of Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia from RGB+D Movement SignalsChakraborty, Debsubhra; Tahir, Yasir; Yang, Zixu; Maszczyk, Tomasz; Dauwels, Justin; Thalmann, Daniel; Magnenat Thalmann, Nadia; Tan, Bhing-Leet; Lee, Jimmy
2018Assessment of patients with negative symptoms of schizophrenia from movement, and prosodic and conversational speech signalsTan, Bhing-Leet; Lee, Jimmy; Chakraborty, Debsubhra; Yang, Zixu; Yasir, Tahir; Dauwels, Justin; Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia
2012Audio representations of multi-channel EEG: a new tool for diagnosis of brain disordersVialatte, François B.; Dauwels, Justin; Musha, Toshimitsu; Cichocki, Andrzej
2018Automated classification of classroom climate by audio analysisJames, Anusha; Chua, Victoria Yi Han; Maszczyk, Tomasz; Núñez, Ana Moreno; Bull, Rebecca; Lee, Kerry; Dauwels, Justin
2017Automated tracking and quantification of angiogenic vessel formation in 3D microfluidic devicesOng, Sharon Lee-Ling; Dauwels, Justin; Asada, H. Harry; Wang, Mengmeng
2015Automatic Detection of Endothelial Cells in 3D Angiogenic Sprouts from Experimental Phase Contrast ImagesWang, MengMeng; Ong, Lee-Ling Sharon; Dauwels, Justin; Asada, H. Harry
2012Clustered subsampling for clinically informed diagnostic brain mappingBjornsdotter, Malin; Sona, Diego; Rosenthal, Sonny; Dauwels, Justin
2014A computational study of stimulus driven epileptic seizure abatementTaylor, Peter Neal; Wang, Yujiang; Goodfellow, Marc; Dauwels, Justin; Moeller, Friederike; Stephani, Ulrich; Baier, Gerold
2019Computer modelling of connectivity change suggests epileptogenesis mechanisms in idiopathic generalised epilepsySinha, Nishant; Wang, Yujiang; Dauwels, Justin; Kaiser, Marcus; Thesen, Thomas; Forsyth, Rob; Taylor, Peter Neal
 2012Copula Gaussian graphical models with hidden variablesYu, Hang; Dauwels, Justin; Wang, Xueou
2012Copula Gaussian multiscale graphical models with application to geophysical modelingYu, Hang; Dauwels, Justin; Zhang, Xu; Xu, Shiyan; Uy, Wayne Isaac T.
 2012Diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease from EEG by means of synchrony measures in optimized frequency bandsCichocki, Andrzej; Gallego-Jutglà, Esteve; Elgendi, Mohamed; Vialatte, François-Benoît; Solé-Casals, Jordi; Latchoumane, Charles; Jeong, Jaeseung; Dauwels, Justin
2019Dynamic prediction of the incident duration using adaptive feature setGhosh, Banishree; Muhammad Tayyab Asif; Dauwels, Justin; Fastenrath, Ulrich; Guo, Hongliang
2016Effect of subliminal lexical priming on the subjective perception of images : a machine learning approachMohan, Dhanya Menoth; Kumar, Parmod; Mahmood, Faisal; Wong, Kian Foong; Agrawal, Abhishek; Mohamed Elgendi; Shukla, Rohit; Ang, Natania; Ching, April; Dauwels, Justin; Chan, Alice Hiu Dan
 2012Efficient Gaussian inference algorithms for phase imagingVazquez, Manuel A.; Zhong, Jingshan; Dauwels, Justin; Waller, Laura
2014Extreme-Value Graphical Models With Multiple CovariatesYu, Hang; Dauwels, Justin; Jonathan, Philip
2017Imaging the distribution of transient viscosity after the 2016 Mw 7.1 Kumamoto earthquakeMoore, James Daniel Paul; Yu, Hang; Tang, Chi-Hsien; Wang, Teng; Barbot, Sylvain; Peng, Dongju; Masuti, Sagar; Dauwels, Justin; Hsu, Ya-Ju; Lambert, Valère; Nanjundiah, Priyamvada; Wei, Shengji; Lindsey, Eric; Feng, Lujia; Shibazaki, Bunichiro
2014Improved compressed sensing radar by fusion with matched filteringDauwels, Justin; Srinivasan, K.
2016An integrated simulation environment for testing V2X protocols and applicationsChoudhury, Apratim; Maszczyk, Tomasz; Li, Hong; Dauwels, Justin; Math, Chetan Belagal
2015Low-Dimensional Models for Compressed Sensing and Prediction of Large-Scale Traffic DataMitrovic, Nikola; Asif, Muhammad Tayyab; Dauwels, Justin; Jaillet, Patrick