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2013Anomalous exchange bias at collinear/noncollinear spin interfaceTian, Y. F.; Ding, J. F.; Lin, W. N.; Chen, Z. H.; David, A.; He, M.; Hu, W. J.; Chen, Lang; Wu, Tom
2012Domain-related origin of magnetic relaxation in compressively strained manganite thin filmsMiao, B. F.; Lin, W.; Hu, W.; David, A.; Ding, H. F.; Wu, T.; Bakaul, Saidur Rahman
2013Effects of electrode material and configuration on the characteristics of planar resistive switching devicesCha, Dongkyu; David, A.; Li, K.; Wu, T.; Peng, H. Y.; Pu, L.; Wu, J. C.; Hong, J. H.; Lin, W. N.; Li, Y. Y.; Ding, J. F.
2014Long-range electronic reconstruction to a dxz,yz-dominated Fermi surface below the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaceDavid, A.; Wu, T.; Tsymbal, E. Y.; Petrović, A. P.; Paré, A.; Paudel, T. R.; Lee, K.; Holmes, S.; Barnes, C. H. W.; Panagopoulos, C.