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2017Ca 2+ releases E‐Syt1 autoinhibition to couple ER‐plasma membrane tethering with lipid transportBian, Xin; Saheki, Yasunori; De Camilli, Pietro
2016Control of plasma membrane lipid homeostasis by the extended synaptotagminsSaheki, Yasunori; Bian, Xin; Schauder, Curtis M.; Sawaki, Yujin; Surma, Michal A.; Klose, Christian; Pincet, Frederic; Reinisch, Karin M.; De Camilli, Pietro
 2017Endoplasmic reticulum–plasma membrane contact sitesSaheki, Yasunori; De Camilli, Pietro
2017The Extended-SynaptotagminsSaheki, Yasunori; De Camilli, Pietro