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2021Observation of intra- and intermolecular vibrational coherences of the aqueous tryptophan radical induced by photodetachmentMuhammad Shafiq Mohd Yusof; Debnath, Tushar; Loh, Zhi-Heng
2020Resonant inelastic x-ray scattering reveals hidden local transitions of the aqueous OH radicalKjellsson, L.; Nanda, K. D.; Rubensson, J.-E.; Doumy, G.; Southworth, S. H.; Ho, P. J.; March, A. M.; Al Haddad, A.; Kumagai, Y.; Tu, M.-F.; Schaller, R. D.; Debnath, Tushar; Muhamamd Shafiq Mohd Yusof; Arnold, C.; Schlotter, W. F.; Moeller, S.; Coslovich, G.; Koralek, J. D.; Minitti, M. P.; Vidal, M. L.; Simon, M.; Santra, R.; Loh, Zhi-Heng; Coriani, S.; Krylov, A. I.; Young, L.
2020Ultrafast dynamics of ionized biomolecules in aqueous solution observed via few-femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopyMuhammad Shafiq Mohd Yusof; Debnath, Tushar; Lowe, Bethany Elizabeth; Lim, Yong Liang; Loh, Zhi-Heng
2019Ultrafast structural rearrangement dynamics induced by the photodetachment of phenoxide in aqueous solutionDebnath, Tushar; Muhammad Shafiq Mohd Yusof; Low, Pei Jiang; Loh, Zhi-Heng