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2013Analysis and design of on-chip antenna and its switch in 65nm CMOSDeng, Tianwei
 2012Design of a broadband μ-negative planar material with low frequency dispersionTang, Ming-Chun; Xiao, Shaoqiu; Deng, Tianwei; Wang, Yan; Bai, Yanying; Liu, Changrong; Shang, Yuping; Xiong, Jiang; Wang, Bing-Zhong
 2012Design of hybrid patch/slot antenna operating in induced "TM120 mode"Tang, Ming-Chun; Xiao, Shaoqiu; Bai, Yanying; Deng, Tianwei; Liu, Changrong; Shang, Yuping; Wei, Chaolei; Wang, Bing-Zhong
 2012Electromagnetic interactions of on-chip antennas and inductorsZhang, Yue Ping; Deng, Tianwei; Chen, Zhiming