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2010Image processing of robotic eyesDeng, Xin
2012Microphone arrays for next generation mobile devices : are we there yet?Deng, Xin
2013Nonmonetary benefits, quality of life, and executive compensationDeng, Xin; Gao, Huasheng
2019Pleiotropic effects of c-di-GMP content in Pseudomonas syringaeSchuster, Stephan Christoph; Wang, Tingting; Cai, Zhao; Shao, Xiaolong; Zhang, Weitong; Xie, Yingpeng; Zhang, Yingchao; Hua, Canfeng; Yang, Liang; Deng, Xin
2020RNA G-quadruplex structures mediate gene regulation in bacteriaShao, Xiaolong; Zhang, Weitong; Mubarak Ishaq Umar; Wong, Hei Yuen; Seng, Zijing; Xie, Yingpeng; Zhang, Yingchao; Yang, Liang; Kwok, Chun Kit; Deng, Xin
2012Three essays on corporate financeDeng, Xin