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2016Audience Segmentation for Campaign Design: Addressing Climate Change in SingaporeDetenber, Benjamin H.; Rosenthal, Sonny; Liao, Youqing; Ho, Shirley S.
2014Changing views on media ethics and societal functions among students in SingaporeRosenthal, Sonny; Detenber, Benjamin H.
2009Doing the right thing online : a survey of bloggers' ethical beliefs and practicesNg, Ee Soon; Detenber, Benjamin H.; Koh, A. W. K.; Lim, A. L. H.; Cenite, Mark
2015Efficacy beliefs in third-person effectsRosenthal, Sonny; Detenber, Benjamin H.; Rojas, Hernando
2012Examining education and newsroom work experience as predictors of communication students’ perceptions of journalism ethicsDetenber, Benjamin H.; Cenite, Mark; Malik, Shelly; Neo, Rachel L.
2014Examining how presumed media influence affects social norms and adolescents' attitudes and drinking behavior intentions in rural ThailandPoorisat, Thanomwong; Ho, Shirley S.; Neo, Rachel L.; Detenber, Benjamin H.
2007The impact of language variety and expertise on perceptions of online political discussionsTan, Kenny W. P.; Swee, Debbie; Lim, Corinne; Detenber, Benjamin H.; Alsagoff, Lubna
2012Influence of value predispositions, interpersonal contact, and mediated exposure on public attitudes toward homosexuals in SingaporeDetenber, Benjamin H.; Ho, Shirley S.; Neo, Rachel L.; Malik, Shelly; Cenite, Mark
2018Public support for censorship in a highly regulated media environment : the influence of self-construal and third-person perception over timeDetenber, Benjamin H.; Rosenthal, Sonny
2014Revisiting gender preference for a first-person shooter videogame : effects of non-verbal sensitivity and gender on enjoymentJung, Younbo; Oh, Hyun Jee; Sng, Jeremy; Kwon, Joung Huem; Detenber, Benjamin H.
2014Rights versus morality : online debate about decriminalization of gay sex in SingaporeDetenber, Benjamin H.; Cenite, Mark; Zhou, Shuhua; Neo, Rachel L.; Malik, Shelly
2012The roles of value predispositions, communication, and third person perception on public support for censorship of films with homosexual contentMalik, Shelly; Ho, Shirley S.; Detenber, Benjamin H.; Neo, Rachel L.
2014Seeking information about climate change : effects of media use in an extended PRISMDetenber, Benjamin H.; Ho, Shirley S.; Lee, E. W. J.; Rosenthal, Sonny