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2012Background risk and university endowment fundsDimmock, Stephen G.
 2009Benchmarking money manager performance : issues and evidenceChan, Louis K. C.; Dimmock, Stephen G.; Lakonishok, Josef
2014How university endowments respond to financial market shocks : evidence and implicationsBrown, Jeffrey R.; Dimmock, Stephen G.; Kang, Jun-Koo; Weisbenner, Scott J.
2018Is fraud contagious? Coworker influence on misconduct by financial advisorsDimmock, Stephen G.; Gerken, William C.; Graham, Nathaniel P.
2009Loss-aversion and household portfolio choiceKouwenberg, Roy; Dimmock, Stephen G.
2012Predicting fraud by investment managersDimmock, Stephen G.; Gerken, William Christopher
2015What determines the allocation of managerial ownership within firms? Evidence from investment management firmsDimmock, Stephen G.; Gerken, William C.; Marietta-Westberg, Jennifer