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 2012Characterization and manipulation of mixed phase nanodomains in highly strained BiFeO3 thin filmsYou, Lu; Chen, Zuhuang; Zou, Xi; Ding, Hui; Chen, Weigang; Chen, Lang; Yuan, Guoliang; Wang, Junling
2012Domain tuning in mixed-phase BiFeO3 thin films using vicinal substratesYasui, Shintaro; Ehara, Yoshitaka; You, Lu; Zou, Xi; Ding, Hui; Chen, Zuhuang; Chen, Weigang; Chen, Lang; Funakubo, Hiroshi; Wang, Junling
 2012Electric-field control of magnetic properties of CoFe2O4 films on Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3–PbTiO3 substrateChen, Lang; Ding, Hui; Cheah, Jun Wei; Sritharan, Thirumany; Wang, Junling
2015Electric-field control of magnetism in multiferroic compositesDing, Hui
 2012A high throughput method for preparation of highly conductive functionalized graphene and conductive polymer nanocompositesYang, Liping; Yee, Wu Aik; Phua, Si Lei; Kong, Junhua; Ding, Hui; Cheah, Jun Wei; Lu, Xuehong
 2012Mechanism of polarization fatigue in BiFeO3Zou, Xi; You, Lu; Chen, Weigang; Ding, Hui; Wu, Di; Wu, Tom; Chen, Lang; Wang, Junling
2013Origin of the uniaxial magnetic anisotropy in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 on stripe-domain BiFeO3Zou, Xi; Lim, Zhi Shiuh; You, Lu; Wang, Baomin; Zhou, Yang; Ding, Hui; Chen, Lang; Wang, Junling