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20202D electronic spectroscopy study of TIPS - pentaceneLe, Duc Viet; Leng, Xuan; Do, Thanh Nhut; Tan, Howe Siang; Perrelle, Jessica M. de la; Kee, Tak W.
2019Revealing the excitation energy transfer network of Light-Harvesting Complex II by a phenomenological analysis of two-dimensional electronic spectra at 77 KDo, Thanh Nhut; Huerta-Viga, Adriana; Akhtar, Parveen; Nguyen, Hoang Long; Nowakowski, Paweł J.; Muhammad Faisal Khyasudeen; Lambrev, Petar H.; Tan, Howe-Siang
2017Simplified expressions that incorporate finite pulse effects into coherent two-dimensional optical spectraDo, Thanh Nhut; Gelin, Maxim F.; Tan, Howe-Siang
2020Studying ultrafast spectral diffusion and correlation dynamics using two-dimensional electronic spectroscopyDo, Thanh Nhut; Nguyen, Hoang Long; Sim, Jamie H. N.; Leng, Xuan; Le, Duc Viet; Khyasudeen, M. Faisal; Nowakowski, Paweł J.; Tan, Howe-Siang
2019Topics in multidimensional optical spectroscopy I. Theoretical studies of finite pulse effects II. Applications to plant light-harvesting complex and nanomaterialsDo, Thanh Nhut
2016Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy of Chlorophyll a Excited-State Equilibration in Light-Harvesting Complex IIAkhtar, Parveen; Zhang, Cheng; Do, Thanh Nhut; Garab, Győző; Lambrev, Petar H.; Tan, Howe-Siang
2016Understanding the features in the ultrafast transient absorption spectra of CdSe quantum dotsZhang, Cheng; Do, Thanh Nhut; Ong, Xuanwei; Chan, Yinthai; Tan, Howe-Siang