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2016An automatic voice conversion evaluation strategy based on perceptual background noise distortion and speaker similarityHuang, Dong-Yan; Xie, Lei; Zhang, Shaofei; Lee, Yvonne Siu Wa; Wu, Jie; Ming, Huaiping; Tian, Xiaohai; Ding, Chuang; Li, Mei; Nguyen, Quy Hy; Dong, Minghui; Chng, Eng Siong; Li, Haizhou
2016The Polysemy of the Chinese Action Verb “Dǎ” and Its Implications in Child Language AcquisitionSak, Hui Er; Gao, Helena Hong
2015System fusion for high-performance voice conversionTian, Xiaohai; Wu, Zhizheng; Lee, Siu Wa; Nguyen, Quy Hy; Dong, Minghui; Chng, Eng Siong
2016The Use of “Ná” and “Hold” Verbs by Bilingual PreSchool Children in SingaporeYap, Ying Tong; Gao, Helena Hong