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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Arab protestors and social media : need for engagementDorsey, James M.
2012The Arab revolts : impact on central AsiaDorsey, James M.
2012The Arab spring revisited : from mass protests to local revoltsDorsey, James M.
2012The Arab world in turmoil : Nasser’s legacy repriseDorsey, James M.; Mushahid Ali
2014China and the Middle East : embarking on a strategic approachDorsey, James M.
2016China and the Middle East: venturing into the maelstromDorsey, James M.
2013Civil war in Syria : the spillover threatDorsey, James M.
2012Conflict in Syria : the regional fall-outDorsey, James M.
2015Constructing national identity : the muscular Jew vs the Palestinian underdogDorsey, James M.
2022Creating building blocks for cooperative security in the Middle EastDorsey, James M.
2012Egypt : heading for more turbulenceDorsey, James M.
2012Global sporting events : battlegrounds for human rightsDorsey, James M.
2011Is Iran turning its back on Syria?Dorsey, James M.
2012The issue of Arab Jews : manipulating a justified causeDorsey, James M.
2015The Middle East : revival of popular uprisings for changeDorsey, James M.
2013Middle East and North Africa : another year of upheavalDorsey, James M.
2013Post-revolt Arab transitions : driven b distrust insexperienceDorsey, James M.
2022The Qatar World Cup: footballing for soft powerDorsey, James M.
2013Qatar's challenge to Saudi Arabia : an alternative view of WahhabismDorsey, James M.
2011Raising the stakes : Russian military support for SyriaDorsey, James M.