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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Capacity of wireless CDMA systemHsu, Daniel Ta Siong.
2005Channel equalizer design for ADSL transceiversZhu, Pengye
2000Characterisation of transmission channel for wireless LAN and mobile systemsOng, Jin Teong; Do, Manh Anh; Dubey, Vimal Kishore; Law, Choi Look; Gosling, Ian Gilbert
1998Comparison of two sub-optimum MLSE receivers for band-limited nonlinear channelKhoo, Sunny Cheng Kong.
2000Computer program to predict path loss in a mobile radio channel environmentCheng, Weng Lock.
2000Computer simulation using ray tracing techniques for wireless indoor channelsTan, Boon Chngee.
2002Downlink performance of DS CDMA system for LEO satellite communication linksUmrani Abdul Waheed
2002Interference cancellers for CDMA systems in rayleigh fading channelsRahul Malik
2002Iterative (turbo) detection and stopping criterions for CDMA channelChng, Han Khim.
2006Layered space-time architectures for wireless communications in flat fading channelsZhao, Lan
2003Mobile IP in UTMS networksYuana Susatyo.
2001Multiuser detectors for CDMA channels with diversity combiningWong, Neng Yuan.
2004Orthogonal complementary codes for wideband wireless CDMA communicationsLu, Liru.
2004Peak to average power reduction in OFDMSheheen Muhamed.
2001Performance analysis of OFDM system over wireless communication channelsWan, Lei
1999Performance study of a DS/CDMA-based LEO satellite systemLim, M. L.
2002Portable ground terminal for LEO satellite communicationLaw, Choi Look; Arichandra, K.; Seumahu, S.; Dubey, Vimal Kishore; Gosling, Ian Gilbert; Lu, Yilong; Lee, Ching Kwang
1999Simulation of mobile fading channel by using deterministic methodWang, Xiao.
2002Soft handoffs in CDMA systemsTeo, Kee Huat.
2003Space-time array processing radio communicationJeetandra Kella