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2014Composition of Schedulability Analyses for Real-Time Multiprocessor SystemsLee, Jinkyu; Shin, Kang G.; Shin, Insik; Easwaran, Arvind
2018Contract-based hierarchical resilience management for cyber-physical systemsHaque, Mohammad Shihabul; Ng, Daniel Jun Xian; Easwaran, Arvind; Thangamariappan, Karthikeyan
2018Contract-based Methodology for Developing Resilient Cyber-Infrastructure in the Industry 4.0 EraAndalam, Sidharta; Ng, Daniel Jun Xian; Easwaran, Arvind; Thangamariappan, Karthikeyan
2019Dynamic budget management and budget reclamation for mixed-criticality systemsGu, Xiaozhe; Easwaran, Arvind
2017Efficient Schedulability Test for Dynamic-Priority Scheduling of Mixed-Criticality Real-Time SystemsGu, Xiaozhe; Easwaran, Arvind
2017Evaluation of an artificial pancreas in in silico patients with online-tuned internal model controlCho, Namjoon; Bhattacharjee, Arpita; Easwaran, Arvind; Leow, Melvin Khee-Shing
2018Flow network-based real-time scheduling for reducing static energy consumption on multiprocessorsSun, Joohyung; Cho, Hyeonjoong; Easwaran, Arvind; Park, Ju-Derk; Choi, Byeong-Cheol
2016Global EDF Schedulability Analysis for Parallel Tasks on Multi-core PlatformsChwa, Hoon Sung; Lee, Jinkyu; Lee, Jiyeon; Phan, Kiew-My; Easwaran, Arvind; Shin, Insik
 2006Incremental schedulability analysis of hierarchical real-time componentsEaswaran, Arvind; Shin, Insik; Sokolsky, Oleg; Lee, Insup
2017MC-Fluid: Multi-core Fluid-based Mixed-Criticality SchedulingLee, Jaewoo; Ramanathan, Saravanan; Phan, Kieu-My; Easwaran, Arvind; Shin, Insik; Lee, Insup
2016Mixed-criticality scheduling to minimize makespanGuo, Zhishan; Easwaran, Arvind; Baruah, Sanjoy
2017Multi-rate fluid scheduling of mixed-criticality systems on multiprocessorsRamanathan, Saravanan; Easwaran, Arvind; Cho, Hyeonjoong
2019Resilience bounds of sensing-based network clock synchronizationTan, Rui; Jiang, Linshan; Easwaran, Arvind; Shanmuga Sundaram, Jothi Prasanna
 2018Towards overhead-free interface theory for compositional hierarchical real-time systemsKim, Jin Hyun; Kim, Kyong Hoon; Easwaran, Arvind; Lee, Insup
2017Underapproximating backward reachable sets by semialgebraic setsXue, Bai; She, Zhikun; Easwaran, Arvind