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 2018Carrier density and light helicity dependence of photocurrent in mono- and bilayer grapheneQian, X.; Cao, Bingchen; Wang, Zilong; Shen, Xiaonan; Soci, Cesare; Eginligil, Mustafa; Yu, Ting
2014Low temperature photoresponse of monolayer tungsten disulphideCao, Bingchen; Shen, Xiaonan; Shang, Jingzhi; Cong, Chunxiao; Yang, Weihuang; Eginligil, Mustafa; Yu, Ting
2018Magneto-photoconductivity of three dimensional topological insulator bismuth tellurideCao, Bingchen; Eginligil, Mustafa; Yu, Ting
 2018Probing magnetic-proximity-effect enlarged valley splitting in monolayer WSe2 by photoluminescenceZou, Chenji; Cong, Chunxiao; Shang, Jingzhi; Zhao, Chuan; Eginligil, Mustafa; Wu, Lishu; Chen, Yu; Zhang, Hongbo; Feng, Shun; Zhang, Jing; Zeng, Hao; Huang, Wei; Yu, Ting
2017Revealing electronic nature of broad bound exciton bands in two-dimensional semiconducting WS2 and MoS2Shang, Jingzhi; Cong, Chunxiao; Shen, Xiaonan; Yang, Weihuang; Zou, Chenji; Peimyoo, Namphung; Cao, Bingchen; Eginligil, Mustafa; Lin, Wei; Huang, Wei; Yu, Ting
2021Topological insulator metamaterial with giant circular photogalvanic effectSun, X.; Adamo, Giorgio; Eginligil, Mustafa; Krishnamoorthy, Harish Natarajan Swaha; Zheludev, Nikolay I.; Soci, Cesare
2019Unveiling exceptionally robust valley contrast in AA- and AB-stacked bilayer WS2Wang, Yanlong; Cong, Chunxiao; Shang, Jingzhi; Eginligil, Mustafa; Jin, Yuqi; Li, Gang; Chen, Yu; Peimyoo, Namphung; Yu, Ting