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 2013Biofunctionalization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes by irradiation of electropolymerized poly(pyrrole-diazirine) filmsPapper, Vladislav; Gorgy, Karine; Elouarzaki, Kamal; Sukharaharja, Ayrine; Cosnier, Serge; Marks, Robert S.
 2018Coupling orientation and mediation strategies for efficient electron transfer in hybrid biofuel cellsElouarzaki, Kamal; Cheng, Daojian; Fisher, Adrian C.; Lee, Jong-Min
 2018Design and integration of molecular-type catalysts in fuel-cell technologyJose, Vishal; Elouarzaki, Kamal; Fisher, Adrian C.; Lee, Jong-Min
 2020Embedded PdFe@N-carbon nanoframes for oxygen reduction in acidic fuel cellsJiang, Xian; Elouarzaki, Kamal; Tang, Yawen; Zhou, Jiancheng; Fu, Gengtao; Lee, Jong-Min
2015Freestanding HRP-GOx redox buckypaper as an oxygen-reducing biocathode for biofuel cell applicationsCosnier, Serge; Elouarzaki, Kamal; Bourourou, M.; Holzinger, M.; Le Goff, A.; Marks, Robert S.
 2019Hydrogenase-like electrocatalytic activation and inactivation mechanism by three-dimensional binderless molecular catalystElouarzaki, Kamal; Wang, Yian; Kannan, Vishvak; Xu, Haoxiang; Cheng, Daojian; Lee, Jong-Min; Fisher, Adrian C.
2017Molecular porphyrinic freestanding buckypaper electrodes from carbon nanotubes for glucose fuel cellsElouarzaki, Kamal; Fisher, Adrian C.; Lee, Jong-Min