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 2013Bioluminescence enhancement through an added washing protocol enabling a greater sensitivity to carbofuran toxicityMarks, Robert S.; Ionescu, Rodica E.; Jia, Kun; Eltzov, Evgeni
2019Dissolvable polyvinyl-alcohol film, a time-barrier to modulate sample flow in a 3d-printed holder for capillary flow paper diagnosticsYitian, Alicia Lu; Eltzov, Evgeni; Marks, Robert S.; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong; Harpaz, Dorin; Axelrod, Tim
2020Enhanced colorimetric signal for accurate signal detection in paper-based biosensorsHarpaz, Dorin; Eltzov, Evgeni; Ng, Si En; Marks, Robert S.; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong
2019Indoor air pollution and the contribution of biosensorsEltzov, Evgeni; De Cesarea, Abri Lavena; Low, Adarina ’Yuen Kei; Marks, Robert S.
 2012A lower limit of detection for atrazine was obtained using bioluminescent reporter bacteria via a lower incubation temperatureMarks, Robert S.; Ionescu, Rodica E.; Jia, Kun; Eltzov, Evgeni; Toury, Timothée
2018Measuring artificial sweeteners toxicity using a bioluminescent bacterial panelYeo, Loo Pin; Cecchini, Francesca; Koon, Trish H. P.; Kushmaro, Ariel; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong; Marks, Robert; Eltzov, Evgeni; Harpaz, Dorin