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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Actor has found his role on stage : Norway as a peace negotiator.Lee, Gabriel Kong Meng.
2005Asean cooperation in drugs abuse prevention.Nita Siahaan.
2017ASEAN minus X: Should This Formula Be Extended?Emmers, Ralf
2007ASEAN regional forum : time to move towards preventive diplomacyEmmers, Ralf
2009The ASEAN Regional Forum and Preventive Diplomacy: A Failure in PracticeEmmers, Ralf; Tan, See Seng
2002ASEAN, China and the South China sea : an opportunity missedEmmers, Ralf
2010Asian and global financial crises : consequences for East Asian regionalismEmmers, Ralf; John Ravenhill
2010Asian and global financial crises : implications for East Asian regionalismEmmers, Ralf; John Ravenhill
2005Coming East Asia Summit : a thirty-point agendaTan, See Seng; Emmers, Ralf
2007Comprehensive security and resilience in Southeast Asia : ASEAN's approach to terrorism and sea piracyEmmers, Ralf
2007De-escalation of the Spratly dispute in Sino-Southeast Asian relationsEmmers, Ralf
2005East Asian Institutionalism: Where do we go now?Emmers, Ralf
2007Fight against terrorism : what role for ASEAN?Emmers, Ralf
2007Future of East Asian institutionalismEmmers, Ralf
2006Globalisation and poverty : threat or opportunity?Fei, Jenny Sufen
2004Globalization and non-traditional security issues : a study of human and drug trafficking in East AsiaEmmers, Ralf
2005International cooperation in the field of human security issues--- a case study of SARS.Zhu, Yu.
2006International regime building in Southeast Asia : ASEAN cooperation against the illicit trafficking and abuse of drugsEmmers, Ralf
2010Japan-Korea relations and the Tokdo/Takeshima dispute : the interplay of nationalism and natural resourcesEmmers, Ralf
2004Japanese anti-piracy initiatives in Southeast Asia : policy formulation and the coastal state responses.Bradford, F. John.