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2019The application of δ13C, TOC and C/N geochemistry of mangrove sediments to reconstruct Holocene paleoenvironments and relative sea levels, Puerto RicoKendrick, Chris; Khan, Nicole Sophia; Horton, Benjamin Peter; Vane, Christopher H.; Engelhart, Simon E.
2021Changing impacts of Alaska-Aleutian subduction zone tsunamis in California under future sea-level riseDura, Tina; Garner, Andra J.; Weiss, Robert; Kopp, Robert E.; Engelhart, Simon E.; Witter, Robert C.; Briggs, Richard W.; Mueller, Charles S.; Nelson, Alan R.; Horton, Benjamin Peter
2020Estimating global mean sea-level rise and its uncertainties by 2100 and 2300 from an expert surveyHorton, Benjamin Peter; Khan, Nicole S.; Cahill, Niamh; Lee, Janice Ser Huay; Shaw, Timothy Adam; Garner, Andra J.; Kemp, Andrew C.; Engelhart, Simon E.; Rahmstorf, Stefan
2020Identifying the greatest earthquakes of the past 2000 years at the Nehalem River estuary, northern Oregon coast, USANelson, Alan R.; Hawkes, Andrea D.; Sawai, Yuki; Engelhart, Simon E.; Witter, Rob; Grant-Walter, Wendy C.; Bradley, Lee-Ann; Dura, Tina; Cahill, Niamh; Horton, Benjamin Peter
2021A maximum rupture model for the central and southern Cascadia subduction zone—reassessing ages for coastal evidence of megathrust earthquakes and tsunamisNelson, Alan R.; DuRoss, Christopher B.; Witter, Robert C.; Kelsey, Harvey M.; Engelhart, Simon E.; Mahan, Shannon A.; Gray, Harrison J.; Hawkes, Andrea D.; Horton, Benjamin Peter; Padgett, Jason S.
 2011Quantitative vertical zonation of salt-marsh foraminifera for reconstructing former sea level : an example from New Jersey, USAKemp, Andrew C.; Horton, Benjamin P.; Vann, David R.; Engelhart, Simon E.; Grand Pre, Candace A.; Vane, Christopher H.; Nikitina, Daria.; Anisfeld, Shimon C.
 2016The role of Holocene relative sea-level change in preserving records of subduction zone earthquakesDura, Tina; Engelhart, Simon E.; Vacchi, Matteo; Horton, Benjamin Peter; Kopp, Robert E.; Peltier, W. Richard; Bradley, Sarah
2020Salt-marsh foraminiferal distributions from mainland northern Georgia, USA : an assessment of their viability for sea-level studiesChen, Huixian; Shaw, Timothy Adam; Wang, Jianhua; Engelhart, Simon E.; Nikitina, Daria; Pilarczyk, Jessica E.; Walker, Jennifer; García-Artola, Ane; Horton, Benjamin Peter
2018Statistical modeling of rates and trends in Holocene relative sea levelAshe, Erica L.; Cahill, Niamh; Hay, Carling; Khan, Nicole S.; Kemp, Andrew; Engelhart, Simon E.; Horton, Benjamin Peter; Parnell, Andrew C.; Kopp, Robert E.
2019Testing the utility of geochemical proxies to reconstruct Holocene coastal environments and relative sea level : a case study from Hungry Bay, BermudaKemp, Andrew C.; Vane, Christopher H.; Khan, Nicole S.; Ellison, Joanna C.; Engelhart, Simon E.; Horton, Benjamin Peter; Nikitina, Daria; Smith, Struan R.; Rodrigues, Lisa J.; Moyer, Ryan P.
2020Uncertainties of glacial isostatic adjustment model predictions in North America associated with 3D structureLi, Tanghua; Wu, Patrick; Wang, Hansheng; Steffen, Holger; Khan, Nicole S.; Engelhart, Simon E.; Vacchi, Matteo; Shaw, Timothy Adam; Peltier, W. Richard; Horton, Benjamin Peter