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1996Active stereo vision with concurrent detection and identification of occlusion and specular highlightsChing, Wee Soon.
2000Adaptive controller for improving the dynamic accuracy of a robot performing a repetitive taskTeoh, Eam Khwang; Er, Meng Hwa
1998Array pattern synthesis using quadratic programming approachSim, Siong Leng.
2003Audio beam : a new type of loudspeaker designGan, Woon Seng; Er, Meng Hwa; Yang, Jun
1997Broadband direction-of-arrival estimators with frequency derivative constraintsYap, Adrian Cheng Lock
2001Design and development of digital-signal-processors-based intelligent controllers for industrial applicationsEr, Meng Hwa; Soh, Yeng Chai; Wang, Dan Wei; Wang, Jianliang
1999Design and development of digital-signal-processors-based multirate controllers for industrial applicationsEr, Meng Joo; Er, Meng Hwa; Soh, Yeng Chai; Wang, Dan Wei; Mital, Dinesh Prakash
2000Design and implementation of adaptive controllers for robotic manipulator using digital signal processing (DSP) chipsTeoh, Eam Khwang; Er, Meng Hwa; Wang, Dan Wei; Wang, Jianliang
1995Development of a speech analyser/synthesizer for special applications in linguisticsSivaprakasapillai, Pratab; Koh, Soo Ngee; Er, Meng Hwa; Tan, Han Ngee; Nihalani, P.
2003Development of an ultrasonic medical imaging system using diffraction tomography and acoustical fractal imagingEr, Meng Joo; Er, Meng Hwa; Soh, Yeng Chai; Krishnan Shankar Muthu; Gan, Woon Seng; Udantha Ranjith Abeyratne
 2012DOA estimation of amplitude modulated signals with less array sensors than sourcesWang, Tao; Ng, Boon Poh; Er, Meng Hwa
1989Experimental four-element adaptive arrayEr, Meng Hwa
2000Method for improving performance of virtual sound image systemEr, Meng Hwa
2001Multi-frame image resolution enhancement and image fusionLoh, Kok Heng.
1997New techniques for partially adaptive array designSng, Yeow Hong.
1996Parallel adaptive signal processing using parallel digital signal processorsGan, Woon Seng; Er, Meng Hwa; Chong, Yong Kim
1997Performance evaluation and implementation of voice and data over the local area networkSiew, David Chee Kheong; Er, Meng Hwa
1995Signal processing techniques for array synthesis, beamforming, direction finding and calibrationNg, Boon Poh.
1992Visualization of natural phenomenon : generation of photo-realistic images of fire, flames and combustion effectsLoke, Teng See.