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2005Electron irradiation induced transformation of (Pb5Ca5)(VO4)6F2 apatite to CaVO3 perovskiteSun, K.; Wang, L. M.; Ewing, Rodney C.; Dong, Zhili; White, Timothy John
2014Ion beam irradiation-induced amorphization of nano-sized KxLnyTa2O7-v tantalate pyrochloreLu, Fengyuan; Shen, Yiqiang; Dong, Zhili; Wang, Gongkai; Zhang, Fuxiang; Ewing, Rodney C.; Lian, Jie
 2013Tailoring the radiation tolerance of vanadate–phosphate fluorapatites by chemical composition controlLu, Fengyuan; Dong, Zhili; Zhang, Jiaming; White, Timothy John; Ewing, Rodney C.; Lian, Jie