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 2012Dependency of effective modulus of polycrystalline aggregates on macro-geometric configurationFan, Hui; Xie, XiaoMei
2018Effective properties of magnetoelectroelastic interfaces weakened by micro-cracksWang, Xue; Ang, Whye Teong; Fan, Hui
 2022Effects of interfacial elasticity on the reflection and refraction of SH wavesLong, Jianmin; Fan, Hui
 2019Efficient decision-making for multiagent target searching and occupancy in an unknown environmentYan, Fuhan; Di, Kai; Jiang, Jiuchuan; Jiang, Yichuan; Fan, Hui
2007Functional and structural studies of Coronavirus ribonucleocapsid assemblyFan, Hui
2011A hypersingular boundary integral analysis of axisymmetric steady-state heat conduction across a non-ideal interface between two dissimilar materialsChen, E. L.; Ang, Whye Teong; Fan, Hui
 2020In-plane surface wave in a classical elastic half-space covered by a surface layer with microstructureFan, Hui; Long, Jianmin
2018Love wave in a classical linear elastic half-space covered by a surface layer described by the couple stress theoryFan, Hui; Xu, Limei
 2019Max-min fair allocation for resources with hybrid divisibilitiesLi, Yunpeng; He, Changjie; Jiang, Yichuan; Wu, Weiwei; Jiang, Jiuchuan; Zhang, Wei; Fan, Hui
 2012Micro-mechanics models for an imperfect interface under anti-plane shear load : hypersingular integral formulationsWang, Xue; Ang, Whye Teong; Fan, Hui
 2020A micromechanical model based on hypersingular integro-differential equations for analyzing micro-crazed interfaces between dissimilar elastic materialsWang, Xue; Ang, Whye Teong; Fan, Hui
1999Numerical study on contact zone in an interfacial crackShen, Hongnian.
2022On the effective property of a micro-cracked and a microscopically curved interface between dissimilar materialsFan, Hui; Ang, Whye Teong; Wang, Xue
2019Room allocation with capacity diversity and budget constraintsLi, Yunpeng; Jiang, Yichuan; Wu, Weiwei; Jiang, Jiuchuan; Fan, Hui
 2021SH surface wave propagating in a strain-gradient layered half-spaceLong, Jianmin; Fan, Hui
1995Three dimensional analyses of cracks and defectsZhang, Tonglong