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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Advanced scenario modellingDel Linz, Paolo; Fan, Sau Cheong; Fung, Tat Ching; Lee, Chi King
1990Alternative conductor guide design for offshore structuresSoh, Ai Kah; Soh, Chee Kiong; Fan, Sau Cheong
1989Computer-aided design for continuous prestressed concrete box-girder bridgesFan, Sau Cheong
2015Conversion of combined blast and fragment models for quasi static analysisDel Linz, Paolo; Fan, Sau Cheong; Lee, Chi King
2003Dynamics of metallic and reinforced concrete targets subjected to projectile impactChen, Xiaowei.
2010Effect of blast and gas pressure on debris launching velocity under internal detonationYu, Qing Jun; Fan, Sau Cheong
2003Effect of impact and penetration on conventional construction and advanced materialsLok, Tat Seng; Fan, Sau Cheong
2001Fluid-structure interaction using spline finite element methodWang, Ke.
1996Geometric non-linear structural analysis by spline finite element methodShi, Ping.
2014Literature review of CB&F and numerical study of basic scenarioDel Linz, Paolo; Lee, Chi King; Fan, Sau Cheong
2003Local multiquadric approximation for solving boundary value problemsLee, Chi King; Liu, X.; Fan, Sau Cheong
2001Meshless finite element method: using non-uniform rational B-splinesSheng, Ni.
2016Modeling of Combined Impact and Blast Loading on Reinforced Concrete SlabsDel Linz, Paolo; Fan, Sau Cheong; Lee, C. K.
2002Numerical simulation & experimental verification of structural responsesFan, Sau Cheong; Lee, Chi King
2003Numerical simulation of damages to underground cavern due to explosionFan, Sau Cheong
2002Numerical-analysis of reinforced concrete using multi-surface strength modelZhou, Xiaoqing.
2003On solving singular interface problems using the enriched partition-of-unity finite element methodsLee, Chi King; Liu, X.; Fan, Sau Cheong
2010An overview of the current research programmes in Protective Technology Research Centre at NTUPan, Tso-Chien; Tan, Kang Hai; Li, Bing; Fan, Sau Cheong; Ma, Guowei
1989Spline finite element analysis of axisymmetric shellsLuah, Mui Huang.
1992Spline finite elements for thin plates and shells of arbitrary geometryLuah, Mui Huang.