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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20111.3-μm In(Ga)As quantum-dot VCSELs fabricated by dielectric-free approach with surface-relief processYoon, Soon Fatt; Tong, Cunzhu; Fan, Weijun; Ding, Y.; Zhao, L. J.; Xu, D. W.
1998Analysis of optical gain and threshold current density of wurtzite InGaN/GaN/AlGaN quantum well lasersTeo, Y. C.; Chong, T. C.; Li, M. F.; Fan, Weijun
2007Annealing effects on the optical properties of a GaInNAs double barrier quantum well infrared photodetectorMa, B. S.; Dang, Y. X.; Fan, Weijun; Cheah, Weng Kwong; Yoon, Soon Fatt
 2017Anomalous Spectral Characteristics of Ultrathin sub-nm Colloidal CdSe NanoplateletsBose, Sumanta; Delikanli, Savas; Yeltik, Aydan; Sharma, Manoj; Dang, Cuong; Zhang, Dao Hua; Demir, Hilmi Volkan; Erdem, Onur; Fan, Weijun
1998Band offsets at GaInP/AlGaInP(001) heterostructures lattice matched to GaAsZhang, X. H.; Chua, S. J.; Fan, Weijun
2006Band parameters and electronic structures of wurtzite ZnO and ZnO∕MgZnO quantum wellsFan, Weijun; Xia, Jian-Bai; Agus, P. A.; Tan, Swee Tiam; Yu, S. F.; Sun, Xiaowei
2019Band structure of Ge 1− x Sn x alloy : a full-zone 30-band k · p modelSong, Zhigang; Fan, Weijun; Tan, Chuan Seng; Wang, Qijie; Nam, Donguk; Zhang, Dao Hua; Sun, Greg
2020Band structure of strained Ge 1− x Sn x alloy : a full-zone 30-band k · p modelSong, Zhigang; Fan, Weijun; Tan, Chuan Seng; Wang, Qijie; Nam, Donguk; Zhang, Dao Hua; Sun, Greg
 2012Band structures and optical gain of InGaAsN/GaAsN strained quantum wells under electric fieldFan, Weijun
2011Band structures and optical gain of strained GaAs[sub x]P[sub 1−x−y]N[sub y]/GaP quantum wellsZhu, Yuan-Hui; Yu, Hongyu; Fan, Weijun
2007Band structures and optical properties of InGaNAs quantum wellsNg, Say Tyam
2005Blueshift of optical band gap in ZnO thin films grown by metal-organic chemical-vapor depositionChen, B. J.; Kwok, H. S.; Zhang, X. H.; Chua, S. J.; Tan, Swee Tiam; Sun, Xiaowei; Fan, Weijun
1998Characteristics of InGaAs quantum dot infrared photodetectorsXu, S. J.; Chua, S. J.; Mei, T.; Wang, X. C.; Zhang, X. H.; Karunasiri, G.; Fan, Weijun; Wang, C. H.; Jiang, J.; Wang, S.; Xie, X. G.
2015Comparative analysis of opto-electronic performance of aluminium and silver nanoporous and nano-wired layersMarus, Mikita; Hubarevich, Aliaksandr; Wang, Hong; Mukha, Yauhen; Smirnov, Aliaksandr; Huang, Hui; Sun, Xiao Wei; Fan, Weijun
2005Comparison of electronic band structure and optical transparency conditions of InxGa1−xAs1−yNy∕GaAs quantum wells calculated by 10-band, 8-band, and 6-band k∙p modelsNg, S.; Dang, Y.; Yoon, S.; Fan, Weijun
2002Comparison of nitrogen compositions in the as-grown GaN[sub x]As[sub 1−x] on GaAs measured by high-resolution x-ray diffraction and secondary-ion mass spectroscopyFan, Weijun; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Ng, T. K.; Wang, S. Z.; Loke, Wan Khai; Liu, R.; Wee, A.
2007Design of In[sub x]Ga[sub 1−x]As[sub 1−y]N[sub y]∕AlAs quantum cascade structures for 3.4 μm intersubband emissionDang, Y. X.; Fan, Weijun
2016Design, simulations, and optimizations of mid-infrared multiple quantum well LEDsDing, Ying; Meriggi, Laura; Steer, Matthew; Fan, Weijun; Bulashevich, Kirill; Thayne, Iain; Macgregor, Calum; Ironside, Charlie; Sorel, Marc
2006Different temperature and pressure behavior of band edge and N-cluster emissions in GaAs0.973Sb0.022N0.005Ding, K.; Wicaksono, Satrio; Ma, B. S.; Su, F. H.; Wang, W. J.; Li, G. H.; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Fan, Weijun
2002Effect of In and N incorporation on the properties of lattice-matched GaInNAs/GaAs grown by radio frequency plasma-assisted solid-source molecular beam epitaxyLoke, Wan Khai; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Ng, T. K.; Wang, S. Z.; Fan, Weijun