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2019Feasibility evaluation of micro-optical coherence tomography (μOCT) for rapid brain tumor type and grade discriminations : μOCT images versus pathologyYu, Xiaojun; Hu, Chi; Zhang, Wenfei; Zhou, Jie; Ding, Qianshan; Sadiq, M. T.; Fan, Zeming; Yuan, Zhaohui; Liu, Linbo
2018Multiscale skin imaging in vivo using optical coherence tomographyYu, Xiaojun; Tang, Hongying; Hu, Chi; Ding, Qianshan; Wang, Lulu; Wang, Xianghong; Fan, Zeming; Liu, Linbo
 2021A new framework for automatic detection of motor and mental imagery EEG signals for robust BCI systemsYu, Xiaojun; Muhammad Zulkifal Aziz; Muhammad Tariq Sadiq; Fan, Zeming; Xiao, Gaoxi
2019Positioning, navigation, and book accessing/returning in an autonomous library robot using integrated binocular vision and QR code identification systemsYu, Xiaojun; Fan, Zeming; Wan, Hao; He, Yuye; Du, Junye; Li, Nan; Yuan, Zhaohui; Xiao, Gaoxi
2020A time-delay-bounded data scheduling algorithm for delay reduction in distributed networked control systemsFan, Zeming; Yu, Xiaojun; Wan, Hao; Kang, Meilin; Liu, Yuan; He, Yuye; Xiao, Gaoxi