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2017Highly sensitive naked eye detection of Iron (III) and H2O2 using poly-(tannic acid) (PTA) coated Au nanocompositeFang, Yan; Tan, Jiajun; Choi, Hyunjun; Lim, Sierin; Kim, Dong-Hwan
2018Rupturing cancer cells by the expansion of functionalized stimuli-responsive hydrogelsFang, Yan; Tan, Jiajun; Lim, Sierin; Soh, Siowling
2017Universal one-pot, one-step synthesis of core-shell nanocomposites with self-assembled tannic acid shell and their antibacterial and catalytic activitiesFang, Yan; Tan, Jiajun; Lan, Tian; Foo, Stanley Guo Feng; Pyun, Do Gi; Lim, Sierin; Kim, Dong-Hwan