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 2012Bottom-up saliency detection model based on human visual sensitivity and amplitude spectrumFang, Yuming; Lin, Weisi; Lee, Bu-Sung; Lau, Chiew Tong; Chen, Zhenzhong; Lin, Chia-Wen
2017Performance Evaluation of Visual Tracking Algorithms on Video Sequences With Quality DegradationFang, Yuming; Yuan, Yuan; Li, Leida; Wu, Jinjian; Lin, Weisi; Li, Zhiqiang
2018Robustness analysis of pedestrian detectors for surveillanceFang, Yuming; Ding, Guanqun; Yuan, Yuan; Lin, Weisi; Liu, Haiwen
 2012Saliency detection in the compressed domain for adaptive image retargetingFang, Yuming; Chen, Zhenzhong; Lin, Weisi; Lin, Chia-Wen
 2012A saliency detection model using low-level features based on wavelet transformİmamoğlu, Nevrez; Lin, Weisi; Fang, Yuming
2012Visual attention modeling and its applicationsFang, Yuming
2013β-Phase poly(vinylidene fluoride) films encouraged more homogeneous cell distribution and more significant deposition of fibronectin towards the cell–material interface compared to α-phase poly(vinylidene fluoride) filmsLow, Yuen Kei Adarina; Zou, Xi; Fang, Yuming; Wang, Junling; Lin, Weisi; Ng, Kee Woei; Boey, Freddy Yin Chiang