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2017High-brightness laser imaging with tunable speckle reduction enabled by electroactive micro-optic diffusersFarrokhi, Hamid; Rohith, Thazhe Madam; Boonruangkan, Jeeranan; Han, Seunghwoi; Kim, Hyunwoong; Kim, Seung-Woo; Kim, Young-Jin
2016Magneto-absorption effects in magnetic-field assisted laser ablation of silicon by UV nanosecond pulsesFarrokhi, Hamid; Gruzdev, V.; Zheng, Hong Yu; Rawat, R. S.; Zhou, Wei
 2014Numerical simulation of non-ablative laser texturing of silicon surface with a continuous wave fiber laserFarrokhi, Hamid; Zhou, Wei; Zheng, Hongyu; Li, Zhongli
2015Theoretical Analysis of Non-ablative Laser Texturing of Silicon Surface with a Continuous Wave Fiber LaserFarrokhi, Hamid; Zhou, Wei; Zheng, Hongyu