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2014Design methodologies for complexity reduction of FIR filtersFaust, Mathias
2009Optimization of structural adders in fixed coefficient transposed direct form FIR filtersFaust, Mathias; Chang, Chip Hong
 2012Pipelined adder graph optimization for high speed multiple constant multiplicationKumm, Martin; Zipf, Peter; Faust, Mathias; Chang, Chip Hong
2011Sign-extension avoidance and word-length optimization by positive-offset representation for FIR filter designHuang, Ruimin; Chang, Chip-Hong; Faust, Mathias; Lotze, Niklas; Manoli, Yiannos
2018Tap delay-and-accumulate cost aware coefficient synthesis algorithm for the design of area-power efficient fir filtersQiao, Rui; Faust, Mathias; Chen, Jiajia; Chang, Chip-Hong; Ding, Jiatao