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2010Investigation of SH3 binding domain in Hepatitis B virus X protein : role in virus-host interactions and cell migrationFeng, Huixing
2014Proteomics based identification of cell migration related proteins in HBV expressing HepG2 cellsFeng, Huixing; Li, Xi; Chan, Vincent; Chen, Wei Ning
 2012Proteomics-related biomarkers for HBV-associated hepatocellular carcinoma : current status and future prospectsSadrolodabaee, Laleh; Feng, Huixing; Zhang, Jianhua; Tan, Jane YL.; Chen, William Wei Ning
 2013Role of HBV replication in host cell metabolism : a proteomics analysisSadrolodabaee, Laleh; Low, Tiong Keng; Feng, Huixing; Chen, Wei Ning
 2013Ultrasound assisted extraction of carbohydrates from microalgae as feedstock for yeast fermentationZhao, Guili; Chen, Xue; Wang, Lei; Zhou, Shixiao; Feng, Huixing; Lau, Raymond; Chen, William Wei Ning