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 2020Air-stable highly crystalline formamidinium perovskite 1D structures for ultrasensitive photodetectorsChen, G.; Qiu, Y.; Gao, H.; Zhao, Y.; Feng, Jiangang; Jiang, L.; Wu, Y.
2021All-optical switching based on interacting exciton polaritons in self-assembled perovskite microwiresFeng, Jiangang; Wang, Jun; Fieramosca, Antonio; Bao, Ruiqi; Zhao, Jiaxin; Su, Rui; Peng, Yutian; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin; Sanvitto, Daniele; Xiong, Qihua
2020Capillary-bridge controlled patterning of stable double-perovskite microwire arrays for non-toxic photodetectorsPi, Yueyang; Zhao, Jinjin; Zhao, Yingjie; Feng, Jiangang; Zhang, Chi; Gao, Hanfei; Wu, Yuchen; Jiang, Lei
2022Chiral 1D perovskite microwire arrays for circularly polarized light detectionZhao, Yingjie; Li, Xinyi; Feng, Jiangang; Zhao, Jinjin; Guo, Yangwu; Yuan, Meng; Chen, Gaosong; Gao, Hanfei; Jiang, Lei; Wu, Yuchen
 2021Chiral 2D-perovskite nanowires for stokes photodetectorsZhao, Yingjie; Qiu, Yuchen; Feng, Jiangang; Zhao, Jiahui; Chen, Gaosong; Gao, Hanfei; Zhao, Yuyan; Jiang, Lei; Wu, Yuchen
 2020Layered-perovskite nanowires with long-range orientational order for ultrasensitive photodetectorsZhao, Yingjie; Qiu, Yuchen; Gao, Hanfei; Feng, Jiangang; Chen, Gaosong; Jiang, Lei; Wu, Yuchen
2022Nonlinear polariton parametric emission in an atomically thin semiconductor based microcavityZhao, Jiaxin; Fieramosca, Antonio; Bao, Ruiqi; Du, Wei; Dini, Kevin; Su, Rui; Feng, Jiangang; Luo, Yuan; Sanvitto, Daniele; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin; Xiong, Qihua
 2022Single-crystalline organic one-dimensional microarrays toward high-performing phototransistorsDeng, Xin; Zhang, Yu; Guo, Yangwu; Li, Xinyi; Yang, Shuyuan; Zhu, Xiaoting; Gao, Hanfei; Feng, Jiangang; Wu, Yuchen; Jiang, Lei