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2018Adaptive fixed-time trajectory tracking control of a stratospheric airshipZheng, Zewei; Feroskhan, Mir; Sun, Liang
2017Control strategy of sideslip perching maneuver under dynamic stall influenceFeroskhan, Mir; Go, Tiauw Hiong
 2022Cyber attack detection and isolation for a quadrotor UAV with modified sliding innovation sequencesXiao, Jiaping; Feroskhan, Mir
2018Fixed-time autonomous shipboard landing control of a helicopter with external disturbancesHuang, Yanting; Zhu, Ming; Zheng, Zewei; Feroskhan, Mir
2022Framework for measurement of battery state-of-health (resistance) integrating overpotential effects and entropy changes using energy equilibriumSingh, Karanjot; Tjahjowidodo, Tegoeh; Boulon, Loïc; Feroskhan, Mir
2018Performance of sideslip perching maneuver with an adaptive gain control featureFeroskhan, Mir; Go, Tiauw H.
2021QuadPlus : design, modeling, and receding horizon-based control of a hyperdynamic quadrotorSingh, Karanjot; Mehndiratta, Mohit; Feroskhan, Mir
2021Receding horizon-based fault-tolerant control of QuadPlus : an over-actuated quadrotorMehndiratta, Mohit; Singh, Karanjot; Kayacan, Erdal; Feroskhan, Mir
 2022Simultaneous localization and formation using angle-only measurements in 2DChen, Liangming; Xie, Lihua; Li, Xiaolei; Fang, Xu; Feroskhan, Mir