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2016Cu2O Photocathode for Low Bias Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting Enabled by NiFe-Layered Double Hydroxide Co-CatalystQi, Huan; Wolfe, Jonathan; Fichou, Denis; Chen, Zhong
2015Influence of Sulfur Incorporation into Nanoporous Anodic Alumina on the Volume Expansion and Self-Ordering DegreeRodríguez-López, S.; Mínguez-Bacho, Ignacio; Climent, A.; Fichou, Denis; Vázquez, M.; Hernández-Vélez, M.
 2016Interfacial Engineering for Quantum-Dot-Sensitized Solar CellsShen, Chao; Fichou, Denis; Wang, Qing
2017A non-volatile resistive memory effect in 2,2′,6,6′-tetraphenyl-dipyranylidene thin films as observed in field-effect transistors and by conductive atomic force microscopyCourté, Marc; Surya, Sandeep G.; Thamankar, Ramesh; Shen, Chao; Rao, V. Ramgopal; Mhailsalkar, Subodh Gautam; Fichou, Denis
 2017Phenoxazine Derivative Operates as an Efficient Surface-Grafted Molecular Relay to Enhance the Performance and Stability of CdS- and CdSe-Sensitized TiO2 Solar CellsShen, Chao; Wang, Xingzhu; Tang, Shasha; Courté, Marc; Fichou, Denis
 2017Structural and electronic properties of 2,2′,6,6′-tetraphenyl-dipyranylidene and its use as a hole-collecting interfacial layer in organic solar cellsCourté, Marc Patrick; Alaaeddine, M.; Barth, V.; Tortech, L.; Fichou, Denis
 2012Synthesis and 2D self-assembly at the liquid-solid interface of end-substituted star-shaped oligophenylenesRajwar, Deepa; Sun, Xiaonan; Cho, Sung Ju; Fichou, Denis; Grimsdale, Andrew C.
 2017Template-free synthesis of hierarchical MoO2 multi-shell architectures with improved lithium storage capabilityTang, Shasha; Shen, Chao; Ji, Wenhai; Liu, Jun; Fichou, Denis