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2021Anodic oxidation enabled cation leaching for promoting surface reconstruction in water oxidationDuan, Yan; Lee, Jun Yan; Xi, Shibo; Sun, Yuanmiao; Ge, Jingjie; Ong, Samuel Jun Hoong; Chen, Yubo; Dou, Shuo; Meng, Fanxu; Diao, Caozheng; Fisher, Adrian C.; Wang, Xin; Scherer, Günther G.; Grimaud, Alexis; Xu, Zhichuan J.
 2018Coupling orientation and mediation strategies for efficient electron transfer in hybrid biofuel cellsElouarzaki, Kamal; Cheng, Daojian; Fisher, Adrian C.; Lee, Jong-Min
2018Cytotoxicity of layered metal phosphorus chalcogenides (MPXy) nanoflakes; FePS3, CoPS3, NiPS3Latiff, Naziah M.; Mayorga-Martinez, Carmen C.; Khezri, Bahareh; Szokolova, Katerina; Sofer, Zdeněk; Fisher, Adrian C.; Pumera, Martin
2018Cytotoxicity of phosphorus allotropes (black, violet, red)Naziah Mohamad Latiff; Mayorga-Martinez Carmen C.; Sofer, Zdenek; Fisher, Adrian C.; Pumera, Martin
 2018Design and integration of molecular-type catalysts in fuel-cell technologyJose, Vishal; Elouarzaki, Kamal; Fisher, Adrian C.; Lee, Jong-Min
 2017An electrochemical method for monitoring the acidity of water for fuel cell and environmental applicationsGao, Xiangming; Dai, Chencheng; Xu, Jason Zhichuan; Lawrence, Nathan S.; Fisher, Adrian C.
 2018An electron deficiency strategy for enhancing hydrogen evolution on CoP nano-electrocatalystsLiao, Hanbin; Sun, Yuanmiao; Dai, Chencheng; Du, Yonghua; Xi, Shibo; Liu, Fei; Yu, Linghui; Yang, Ziyu; Hou, Yanglong; Fisher, Adrian C.; Li, Shuzhou; Xu, Jason Zhichuan
 2018Enlarged Co-O covalency in octahedral sites leading to highly efficient spinel oxides for oxygen evolution reactionZhou, Ye; Sun, Shengnan; Song, Jiajia; Xi, Shibo; Chen, Bo; Du, Yonghua; Fisher, Adrian C.; Cheng, Fangyi; Wang, Xin; Zhang, Hua; Xu, Zhichuan Jason
2019Exceptionally active iridium evolved from a pseudo-cubic perovskite for oxygen evolution in acidChen, Yubo; Li, Haiyan; Wang, Jingxian; Du, Yonghua; Xi, Shibo; Sun, Yuanmiao; Sherburne, Matthew; Ager, Joel W.; Fisher, Adrian C.; Xu, Jason Zhichuan
 2018Metal–oxygen hybridization determined activity in spinel-based oxygen evolution catalysts : a case study of ZnFe2–xCrxO4Li, Haiyan; Sun, Shengnan; Xi, Shibo; Chen, Yubo; Wang, Ting; Du, Yonghua; Sherburne, Matthew; Ager, Joel W.; Fisher, Adrian C.; Xu, Jason Zhichuan
2017Molecular porphyrinic freestanding buckypaper electrodes from carbon nanotubes for glucose fuel cellsElouarzaki, Kamal; Fisher, Adrian C.; Lee, Jong-Min
2021Recent development of oxygen evolution electrocatalysts in acidic environmentAn, Li; Wei, Chao; Lu, Min; Liu, Hanwen; Chen, Yubo; Scherer, Günther G.; Fisher, Adrian C.; Xi, Pinxian; Xu, Jason Zhichuan; Yan, Chun-Hua
 2016Self-Propelled Supercapacitors for On-Demand Circuit Configuration Based on WS2 Nanoparticles MicromachinesMayorga-Martinez, Carmen Clotilde; Moo, James Guo Sheng; Khezri, Bahareh; Song, Peng; Fisher, Adrian C.; Sofer, Zdeněk; Pumera, Martin
2020Surface composition dependent ligand effect in tuning the activity of nickel–copper bimetallic electrocatalysts toward hydrogen evolution in alkalineWei, Chao; Sun, Yuanmiao; Scherer, Günther G.; Fisher, Adrian C.; Sherburne, Matthew; Ager, Joel W.; Xu, Zhichuan Jason
 2019A vitamin-based voltammetric pH sensor that functions in buffered and unbuffered mediaTham, Guo Xiong; Fisher, Adrian C.; Webster, Richard David