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 2012The i-Cube : design considerations for block-based digital manipulatives and their applicationsGoh, Wooi Boon; Kasun, L. L. Chamara; Fitriani; Tan, Jacquelyn; Shou, Wei
2011Indonesia's new offset policy : time for broader defence industrial strategyMatthews, Ron; Curie Maharani; Fitriani
2013Indonesia's next parliament : celebrities, incumbents and dynastic members?Fitriani; Yoes, C. Kenawas
2012Indonesia’s rising middle class : tweeting to be heardVerra; Fitriani
2013Walking the talk : US service women in combat rolesFitriani; Matthews, Ron
2011Women at war : possible lessons for small statesFitriani; Ron Matthews
2012Women in combat roles in US military : still a small step to equalityFitriani; Matthews, Ron