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 2012Active force cancellation of a near resonance vibrating system using robust H∞ controlLow, E.; Fok, Sai Cheong; Lau, Michael Wai Shing; Seet Gim Lee, Gerald
1999Conceptual design & demonstration of a portable tourist information systemXu, Hui
2001Development of an interactive CAL environment to support engineering laboratory trainingFok, Sai Cheong; Tan, Fock Lai; Tor, Shu Beng; Britton, Graeme Arthur; Ahmadul Ameen
1999Material handling system for flexible manufacturing cellWong, Chiak Wu.
 2012Numerical investigation of phase change material-based heat storage unit on cooling of mobile phoneFok, Sai Cheong; Tan, F. L.
2003Optimization of plastic injection molding : an integrated approachLam, Yee Cheong; Britton, Graeme Arthur; Tai, Kang; Fok, Sai Cheong
2021Patient/breast-specific detection of breast tumor based on patients’ thermograms, 3D breast scans, and reverse thermal modellingMukhmetov, Olzhas; Mashekova, Aigerim; Zhao, Yong; Midlenko, Anna; Ng, Eddie Yin Kwee; Fok, Sai Cheong
2000Scheme for compensating GPS satellite signal loss in a personal navigation systemWang, Lan.
1998Towards interactive evolutionary CAPPLee, Keen Sing.
2002Virtual prototyping of hydraulic systemsXiang, Wei