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2016Affect spin, entrepreneurs' well-being, and venture goal progress: The moderating role of goal orientationUy, Marilyn Ang; Sun, Shuhua; Foo, Maw-Der
 2013Beyond affective valence : untangling valence and activation influences on opportunity identificationFoo, Maw-Der; Murnieks, Charles; Uy, Marilyn A.
2019Entrepreneurship and well-being : past, present, and futureWiklund, Johan; Nikolaev, Boris; Shir, Nadav; Foo, Maw-Der; Bradley, Steve
 2009How do feelings influence effort? An empirical study on the entrepreneurs' affect and venture effortFoo, Maw-Der; Uy, Marilyn A.; Baron, Robert A.
2018“I know I can, but I don't fit” : perceived fit, self-efficacy, and entrepreneurial intentionHsu, Dan K.; Burmeister-Lamp, Katrin; Simmons, Sharon A.; Foo, Maw-Der; Hong, Michelle C.; Pipes, Jesse D.
2012Joint effects of prior start-up experience and coping strategies on entrepreneurs’ psychological well-beingFoo, Maw-Der; Song, Zhaoli; Uy, Marilyn A.
2008Mood spillover and crossover among dual-earner couples : a cell phone event sampling studySong, Zhaoli; Foo, Maw-Der; Uy, Marilyn A.
2014Perceived progress variability and entrepreneurial effort intensity : the moderating role of venture goal commitmentUy, Marilyn A.; Foo, Maw-Der; Ilies, Remus
 2011Unraveling the daily stress crossover between the unemployed and their employed spousesSong, Zhaoli; Foo, Maw-Der; Sun, Shuhua; Uy, Marilyn A.
2010Using experience sampling methodology to advance entrepreneurship theory and researchFoo, Maw-Der; Aguinis, Herman; Uy, Marilyn A.